The Concept Approach and Mechanism of Homeland Security is the most effective way to counter terror

Technological Framework for Safe & Secure Cities

Managerial Resp.to War on Terror

Geospatial Technology

ERP Solution,RDBMS & Integration

Command and Control Center

Interception Systems

City Based Video Surveiln. System

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Cyber Security

Terrorism and cybersecurity happen to be the biggest challenges facing the nations today. The countries need to change gears to deliver a safe and secure cyber world.

HLS is the...


Blue Print

Future of Policing Globally.

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The creation of Department of Homeland Security, HLS, USA ,in Oct. 2002, marked and an integrated approach, mechanism to counter terrorism, other organized crimes. No terrorist attack has taken on American Soil since Sept.11 2011. Replicating approaches, technologies and functionalities applicable to India would be an worthwhile effort and customization of the same would help evolve a multi-disciplinary, multi-departmental ,multi-organatisional, synergized with technology, an effective Homeland Security frame work in India.


National Symposium on Homeland Security (NSHSD) intends to be the game changer in the very concept of Homeland Security in India.

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HSG-Homeland Security Group

HSG -Subsumed towards the creation of National Security Homeland Blueprint based on the Technological Framework of Safe and Secure Cities.

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Cyber Security

Technology is racing to become the mankind's DNA. Transformational changes demand transformational answers. Digital is the only way forward.

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  • Technological Framework (TFSSC)
  • Command and Control Center (CCC)
  • Interception Systems (IS)        
  • City Based Video Surveillance System (CBVSS)
  • TETRA Radio Network (TRN)        
  • Geospatial Technology for HLS (GTHLS)
  • ERP Solution, RDBMS and Integration (ERI)
  • Managerial Response to War on Terror (MRWT)

Upcoming Events

  Cyber Security- Neeti Foundation 18th April -2015 New Delhi.
 Cyber security challenges- Technical Session.Express Technology Sabha    Feb-2015 Hyderabad
  1.Safe City –Video Surveillance 2. Cyber Crime –Collaboration in the new Social Media., Secure IT., March –2015 New Delhi
  International Seminar -Big Data and the way forward. Indian Statistical Institute & CODATA 19 March 2015. Bangalore.

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